Department : Music
For the Love of Music  
Music at Markham District is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers who share the same love, discipline and spirit to work and learn together. I tend to think of the department as one big family – a place of non-stop hustle and bustle where you can go to meet new people, develop yourself mentally and physically through hard work and concentration, and to express your artistic side in a welcoming environment of very passionate people.

It is simply a privilege to be a part of the Music Department at MDHS. High school has a spectacular atmosphere, but it’s especially encouraging to have an upbeat and inviting department to escape when you to just need to let yourself go.

Stephanie Whittamore  
Welcome to MDHS Music!  
Here are some random facts about MDHS Music:

• Currently there are approximately 600 students enrolled in the music program. This is more than a third of the entire student population.

• We have 4 music teachers who are all active performers, conductors, adjudicators, clinicians, and festival coordinators.

• We have more than 20 performing ensembles including five concert bands, five choirs, two tour bands, three jazz ensembles and seven small ensembles.

• Our Music Council has been recognized and modeled through the Ontario Music Educators Association and the Ontario Band Association.

• Through the year we perform in more than 100 live performances, festivals, concerts and community events.

• We have an excellent, up-to-the minute website where you can find the latest in information, photos, schedules, festivals results, and travel details.

• We host between dozen in-school concerts by a variety of musical groups, including several guest clinicians, conductors, and professional musicians.

• We have recorded three Compact Discs, our latest being a double CD set featuring the great sounds of all our performing ensembles.